Thursday, March 26, 2020

Gamutin pero panagutin si Sen. Koko Pimentel

As PUI, cov-positive, man of law and a person of authority but who violated many protocols, Sen. Koko Pimentel's irresponsible act must be condemned and he be held accountable. His irresponsible action, which is deplored by the MMC itself, has forced the hospital to quarantine its workforce thereby adding more burden to the health system that’s now being overwhelmed by the pandemic.

But, as a patient himself, Sen. Pimentel must be treated immediately and with utmost care, in the same way ordinary people must get the same quality of treatment which they find today as a privilege available only to VIPs.

No amount of justification can placate the people who were placed under strict quarantine discipline while seeing politicians wave their VIP cards in getting the express lane for testing and having the best caregiver in Secretary Duque.

Government officials should remember this very simple thing: People will never enjoy watching more DESPICABLE YOU while in home quarantine.

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