Thursday, July 8, 2021

Labor Groups call for ENDOterte, not Duterte for VP

Labor groups are incensed at the announcement of President Rodrigo Duterte that he is running for the second highest position in the land right after his dismal performance as President characterized by grave abuse of workers’ and human rights; and very poor pandemic response.  

“We are already tired of Duterte’s ‘kill, kill, kill’ languange and cursing. We are not slaves or subjects of a notoriously criminal king. We deserve respect as humans and as workers from our leaders,” said Atty. Sonny Matula, Nagkaisa! Labor Coalition Chairperson and Federation of Free Workers (FFW) President. 

His running is an insult to at least 30,000 families he left without mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children in his bloody war on the poor. 

“This is a treacherous ploy to circumvent the consitution and to perpetuate oneself to power,” said Renato Magtubo, Nagkaisa! spokesperson and Partidong Manggagawa Chairperson. 

“This only proves how fearful he is of losing power. After all, he knows he’s facing possible jail time for all the atrocities he committed,” said Josua Mata, Secretary General of Sentro.

It seems Duterte wants to perpetuate himself in power to protect himself from the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC should do its sworn task and formally investigate Duterte for his alleged crimes against humanity, bordering on genocide. 

“The possibility of President Duterte running for vice president in the 2022 national elections is a "sorrowful jab" lacking any sense of statemanship from the highest  executive,” added Matula. 

It aggravates the “present agony and sorrow” of the Filipinos and does not provide a ray of hope for  the future. 

“He is already tired as he admitted several times. Another elected post as VP in 2022 is another heavy  burden to bear for Filipinos,” said Matula. 

His presidential failures cannot be redeemed by running second only to his daughter or his former aide.

“For more than five years, women have been at the receiving end of his verbal abuse, mysogynist acts and insecure ways around powerful women whom he has persecuted and publicly ridiculed for his own selfish means. Enough,” said Judy Miranda, chair of the Nagkaisa! Women’s Committee. 

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