Thursday, April 20, 2023

Nagkaisa hits attempt to delay further the release of Sen. De Lima

Former Sen Delima has been in detention for six years, and the saying "justice delayed is justice denied" rings true in this situation, stated the country’s largest labor coalition Nagkaisa.

Nagkaisa has keenly observed and followed De Lima’s trial for the past six years. The group today opposes the reopening and sudden motion for presentation of a rebuttal testimony in Delima's case after the case had already been submitted for decision. 

The prosecution and defense teams even shook hands and even hugged Senator De Lima after the final hearing as they looked forward for the resolution to be handed down on May 12.  

“All parties seemed content as they agreed to have the case submitted for decision, but in the next day the prosecution suddenly swerved and made a u-turn, dahil ‘hindi pa raw sila tapos’. Clearly, this action is not only preposterous but also a violation of criminal procedures and the right to a speedy trial,” explained Nagkaisa Chair Atty. Sonny Matula.

This sudden development, he added, is perplexing, and the prosecution's actions send a negative image of our justice system.

“Ang ginawang ito ng mga taga-usig ay nagbibigay din ng maling mensahe sa pandaigdigang komunidad, lalo na sa ating mga kaugnayan sa kalakalan at human rights community, na umaasa sa mga pahayag ng administrasyon ni Marcos na ito ay mas mahusay kumpara sa nakaraang pamahalaan,” said Matula.

Nagkaisa joined with the defense in opposing the motion, describing it as “politically motivated” rather than “legally substantive”, which the group said, was the main weakness of the multiple drug cases filed by the Duterte administration against the opposition senator.

Any further delay, the labor group argues, not only undermine the rule of law but also send a negative message to the international community, potentially affecting employment and investment in the country.

Lastly, further delay may discourage local and foreign investors from entering the market due to our unstable administration of justice.

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