Friday, June 12, 2020

Nothing is right in terrorism, but there are many things wrong in anti-terror law

Terrorism never goes right. That's why unionism is not terrorism the way of the worker to defend himself and fight for the welfare. Even the strike as the highest level of fight workers is done in the manner of unionism, not of terrorism. In other words, terrorism worker hates.

But when the anti-terror bill becomes law, the way itself of unionism can be considered state terrorism. Because it's not hidden but tomorrow is the goal to silence any target of this silence, individual or group.

It is also a threat to freedom not only to the journalist but also to organizing workers and defending their own wellbeing. Under anti-terror law, the Philippines will become a country of independent workers and citizens.

A clear example of this is the PNP launch of Central Luzon Joint Industrial Peace and Concern Office (JIPCO) whose purpose is to put detachment to the ecozones to allegedly prevent the impiltration of radical unionism which is among the people terrorist group in factories in it. The worker movement is pushing this but DOLE and the whole government are armchair.

Anti-terror law is not yet visible to the head of this monster in the JIPCO body. When this becomes law, all factory will become detachment of JIPCO.

By terror law also established a Palace committee - the Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC) whose power is higher than three branches of government. This is not only against the constitution but giving power to the people chosen by the President to define and the people or groups that they will also consider terrorist, terrorist, or terrorism in mind.

And most of all, in this season of pandemic and economic crisis workers don't need such a law. This is nothing to help with fighting and rising the country from crisis. Worker needs now work, food, freedom, and new policies that will bring the country to better and humanitarian normal.

For this, the much needed law is a stimulus program that states can adequately fund to ensure that workers who have lost their income and employment guarantee and will lose their jobs. Anti-terror law is just a distraction to this more important program.

Ayuda fund, terror bill turning back! Ayuda not dictatorship! Work not Arrest! Help not imprisoned! Freedom is not intimidating to the people!


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