Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Presidential Duty to Vacate His Office Now

A private citizen speaking or group of citizens discussing about the establishment of a Revolutionary Government (RevGov) might claim to be protected by the Constitutional right to freedom of expression.

However, a President elected under the 1987 Constitution proposing or suggesting a RevGov is manifesting his incompetence to run the existing Government that he heads. Duterte needs to resign from his post if he feels incompetent to steer his Administration. Last SONA, he even reiterated that he is inutile to assert and defend our sovereignty over the West Philippine seas and the islands there.

In 2017 and 2019 President Duterte had been proposing to declare a RevGov. Now, he is again saying that a the RevGov should not be discussed in sub rosa (in secrecy), but should be discussed publicly to include the military during his weekly addresses.

This is high treason on the part of the President for instigating to abandon the Constitution. RevGov will only work in his favor by exercising absolute power without any checks and balances. This is most repugnant to our democratic and republican form of government. Thus, we the people need to resist and correct the dictatorial tendency of Duterte.

Nagkaisa is highly disappointed with this recent presidential pronouncement.

Now, that the president has exercised his freedom to express, his duty to vacate his office has commenced!

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