Monday, August 24, 2020

Labor Group NAGKAISA Opposes Establishment of RevGov under Duterte; Condemns Bombing in Sulu

The Nagkaisa Labor Coalition categorically opposes the establishment of a revolutionary government and the use of terror by the state or lawless elements.

Our unions oppose any dictatorial or authoritarian regime whether initiated by administration or any lawless elements in our society.

If President Rodrigo Duterte will declare a revolution government, he will be abandoning his mandate under the 1987 Constitution. We will no longer recognize him as president. His illegitimate government will have no more mandate to govern. Thus, Vice President Leni Robredo will be recognized as President in accordance with constitutional succession.

Meanwhile, the Nagkaisa Labor Coalition condemns the two bombings in downtown Jolo at noontime today. These two explosions were the doing of barbarians sowing fear and terror to our people. We cannot tolerate these acts of terrors.

Nagkaisa, the biggest labor coalition in the county, calls on the authorities to conduct a
speedy investigation and arrest the brains and perpetrators of these dastardly acts.

Nagkaisa can’t discount the possibility that someone or some groups are creating scenario to justify more draconian responses.

It was reported that at least 10 people have been killed and several others were wounded after two explosions, including one reportedly carried out by a female suicide bomber.

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