Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Labor group condemns killing of broadcaster Percy Lapid

The trade union movement condemns, in strongest term, the killing of firebrand broadcaster Percival Mabasa, better known as Percy Lapid in his radio program “Lapid Fire”. 

We extend sympathy and condolences to his bereaved family in this difficult time.

Ka Percy is popularly known as a fearless critique of the Duterte and Marcos administrations as well as local officials who he considers as corrupt or who abuse their powers with impunity.

As anti-corruption and good governance crusader, his professional work as a media worker deserve tall recognition for holding the torch of press freedom rather than a gangland style of killing which is a trademark of rightwing and undemocratic administrations. 

Assassination and any physical violence against journalists are crimes against society since they curtail freedom of expression which is guaranteed by the fundamental law and which all of us are entitled to enjoy.

We demand justice for Ka Percy, and we call on the government to solve this killing of a media person, the first under the Marcos administration, with dispatch and strong resolve. Failing on this would only bolster any suspicion that this administration is merely a continuity Dutertism if not an extended presidency of Marcos Sr. 

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